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On Twitter & Things Found OnlineAfter a long departure from the blog scene in general, I completely expected that my reception would be similar to that of a David Hasselhoff record in the United States. I mean, without a "proper site" even, but I am pleasantly surprised that the few small projects and I have undertaken as well as my own personal ones have all received positive feedback, which is super cool.

Getting this blog set up proper is on top of my personal projects list, nymphont.com is in the bag but it looks like blogger will be Nymphont'shome for a while. It'll do just fine after I give it "the proper dose."

i like you by hunsinisgroovy
Being a typographylover from way back, seeing my font LT Chichkenhawkin this typography-art-graphic from hunsonisgroovy'spost on Tumblr was cool enough for little ol' me, but then to see it was then liked and repostedby many more Tumblrusers was pretty rad too. I'll just play it cool on the sidelines, those tumblrpeeps don't need to know, but Nymphont's watchin'them. He he.

See, baby steps, baby steps man. I am very pleased by the small things right now. Not ready to be net famous. Not with a header graphic like this! He he.

Man, speaking of net famous, have you seen these social-media-hype geeks on twitter? For the love of Johnny Crockett, they need to get over themselves! For a while there, on the web, "netiquette" was all the rage; raising typing in all-caps to a first degree felony. "Flaming"
as it were in the late nineties was seldom seen.

Netiquette is yet another casualty of today's dire economic straights. People don't seem to have the patience for it anymore, and the flaming has begun. Twitter bugsare all a buzz and the words are getting fierce. Read any blog on the subject and you are guaranteedto see at least one comment, that goes on the offense towards the writer of the blog. This is a revelation, as the blog community as a whole seemed to agree or at least shared blog-surfing behaviours, if they didn't like a post, they would not waste their time leaving a negative comment, they'd just go somewhere else. Praise, constructive criticismwatered down to its mildest form, and no comment; that's all you'd get.

But during these twitter-spats, do you hear anyone screaming netiquette now? Oh, no, no, no! Twitter really has some people's yarbles in a vice, if they've got any yarbels! People are getting all snappy about "fake social networking twitters'" who really are not concerned with anyone on twitter or have anything to share, they are just trying to get as many followers as possible. It's really getting some worked up, outraged, claiming it's unfair; it's twitter abuse!

What those who are getting so worked up about don't realize is how fucking stupid they sound! I mean, if they are there for to share their creative ideas and explore those of others, not just for popularity or followers, then why would it matter that this loser or that loser is really a spam fucktard?

Does it make them question their own tweet-hood, that some spammerwith no content,has as many followers or more even, then they themselves?

LAME! I like twitter, and I post about dumshit. Well it's probably dumb to those super-cool social networking people.

I have 4 followers. Four. I would love to have more, the more the merrier. But believe you me, I can weed out the spammersand will if I happen to follow one. Content. People. Content.

I know for sure I'm just a cool weird person and I make some free fonts every now and again, no tricks up my sleeve and I hate spam so people I follow and who follow me doesn't really worry me.

Then again, I follow Britney Spears, I might not be one to discuss the quality of followers and their followers. What can I say she's had a rough few years man, I gotta see how things pan out. If Mariahcan come back after Glitter, Britney can possibly do it after the whole head shavie51/50 thing. Oh yeah.
Followers? Who the fuck wants to be a follower anyway?



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