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These terms are non-negotiable. If you want to share or redistribute my templates, this is how it must be done. If you don't want to abide these terms, then you don't want to share or redistribute my templates.
Lummoxie Template
Lummoxie Template
Download | View Demo
Haute Press Template (V2-1 & V2-2)
Haute Press
Download | Demos: 2-1 | 2-2
Echo That Is Love Template
Echo That Is Love
Download | View Demo
Brat Prince Template
Brat Prince
Download | View Demo
Brat Princess Template
Brat Princess
Download | View Demo
Bubbly Nature Template
Bubbly Nature
Download | View Demo
Punctilious Template
Download | View Demo
Ultime Notizie Template
Ultime Notizie
Download | View Demo
Nooúmena Template
Download | View Demo
Fervor Template
Download | View Demo
Zom·Bee Template
Download | View Demo
HillPointe Template
Download | View Demo
Lucky Star Template
Lucky Star
Download | View Demo
Murmurs Drawn Template
Murmurs Drawn
Download | View Demo
Pointe du Lac Template
Pointe du Lac
Download | View Demo
Mascara Sure Template
Mascara Sure
Download | View Demo
Nymphont Natural Template
Nymphont Natural
Download | View Demo
Gunmetal Blue Template
Gunmetal Blue
Download | View Demo
New Nymphont Style Template
Nymphont Style
Download | View Demo
Sugar Apple Template
Sugar Apple
Download | View Demo
Solitude of Heart Template
Solitude of Heart
Download | View Demo

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I do freelance web and graphic design along with type design. The icons below link to social networks and bookmarking sites that I am involved with.

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