Lummoxie Template with Comment Replies

Lummoxie Template Update with Reply CommentsRetrofitting the Lummoxie Template with Blogger's threaded comment system has been a few months in coming, but no one is counting, right? [Gulp] I don't want to dwell on this... To make haste as our more punctillious brethren might do, and by that I mean to get to the point, seems a bit more appropriate.

And the point is of course, that the Lummoxie template has been updated and retrofitted with Blogger's comment reply functionality.
Lummoxie Template Retrofitted with Blogger's Threaded Comments

A second notable improvement is the restyled PageList/LinkList widget which now accommodates new line wrapping or longer link links.
Lummoxie Template PageList Line Wrapping

The Updated Lummoxie Blogger Template

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The Updated Lummoxie Blogger Template

Template Basic Features

  • 2 column liquid/fluid layout, all sections "widgetized" or "gadget-ready"
  • 2 column footer, also gadget-ready/widgetized
  • Supports Blogger Dashboard editing tools, easily change fonts and colors in practically all areas of the template via the "Template Designer," within the "Advanced" subcategory.
  • Functional search included. Search box image included, it is stored in my photobucket.com account which allows generous direct linking bandwidth. However, users who have access to an image host are advised to upload it to their own server, as the bandwidth could potentially be exceeded in the future. (Image also included in the zip download for convenience.)
  • Title setup optimized and corrected for better SEO.
  • Wireframe setup for easy gadget/widget managing
  • Fancy fonts a la Google Font API
  • Customized and easy to use "read more" feature using Blogger's "Page Break" feature
  • "Calendar Style" post date. Set up instructions in this post.
  • Embedded comment form below post, with threaded comments enabled to boot :D

  • Equipped the horizontal navigation bar with new-line wrapping, allowing for multiple lines of links / more links / longer link lists. Usage instructions in this post.

Basic Set Up & Instructions

This template is fully functionional immediatly, ensuring optimal performance necessitates one specific setting in the dashboard (for the calendar style post date) which is explained in the premier Lummoxie Template post here, along with additional and advanced editing details.
terms of use*
* The link back to http://www.nymFont.com must not be removed * Do not impose charges or a fee for these templates * Do not add links and redistribute * Modifications allowed so long as the link back is not removed * Do not link directly to my files, but to my template posts to share

I hope existing users and new users alike are pleased with the updates to the Lummoxie Template. Though I can't personally assist various aspects of implementation & customization of the template, I welcome your feedback on the template.
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