Free Blogger Template: Lucky Star

Free Blogger Template: Lucky StarLucky Star is a whimsical new free Blogger template design, that is of course, ready "right out of the package," complete with a super easy to customize menu bar. I'll thank Madonna for this template's theme and inspiration, and for the song that has been stuck in my head for what seems like hours now. ("You must be my lucky star!")

Only one adjustment need be made upon installing this template, just to ensure the oh-so-fabulous "calendar-style" post date displays properly. Continue reading for details, all the specific instructions are at the end of this post. And I do promise, there's nothing to it, really.

XML Blogger Template
By Lauren Thompson
Free Blogger Template: Lucky Star


  • 2 column fixed width layout, all sections "widgetized" or "gadget-ready" 
  • 3 column footer, also "widgetized"
  • Optional and customizable linkbar. Super easy to use and customize, details below.
  • Supports Blogger Dashboard editing tools, easily change fonts and colors in practically all areas of the template via the Template Designer's "Advanced" category
  • Images included, you do not need to upload the images to your own server, they are stored in my photobucket.com account which allows generous direct linking bandwidth. However, users who have access to an image host are advised to download the images and upload them to their own server, as the bandwidth could potentially be exceeded in the future. Download the images from here
  • Title setup optimized and corrected for better SEO.
  • Embedded comment form below post
  • Functional search box included
  • Wireframe setup for easy adding and removing gadgets
  • "Calendar-Style" post date


  • Templates are free to use in Blogger blogs, however, the link back to http://www.nymFont.com (usually located in the bottom footer) must not be removed.
  • Do not redistribute this template for paid download.
  • Do not add your own links to the template code and redistribute.
  • Modifications to the template are allowed either through the Blogger Dashboard or directly in the code, however, the link back to Nymphont/NymFont (http://www.nymFont.com) still must remain intact and again, not be removed, thank you. 
  • Do not add your own links to the template code and re-distribute.

  • If you are going to redistribute the template, you are not permitted to add your own links to the template.
  • In addition, it is asked that you do not link directly to my files for the download, nor upload them to your own servers for download. Instead you must link back to my own page for the template, or simply to the index of this website, http://www.nymfont.com
  • The terms and license for the template(s) must be stated and given whenever redistributing

This is non-negotiable. If you want to share or redistribute my templates, this is how it must be done. If you don't want to abide these terms, then you don't want to share or redistribute my templates.

Customizing Top Linkbar

Top Linkbar There is no need to make any changes to these links, as they will automatically reflect the data specific to your own blog. Should you desire to change them or remove them however, you will find them within the "linkbar1" div. The search form code directly follows these links should you like to make any changes or remove it as well.

Customizing Main Linkbar

Main LinkbarThe linkbar code is added to your template immediately, all you have to do to is add your links. Adding links to the linkbar is done simply by clicking the "Design" tab from the Blogger Dashboard, and then selecting "Page Elements." Click on the widget labeled "Linkbar," and you will be prompted to add your link names and their corresponding URL's. If you do not want to use the linkbar, simlpy leave this widget empty.

Setting Up Calendar-Style Post Date

Calendar-Style Post DateI promise setting up the post date is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. From the Dashboard, click the Settings tab, and then select the Formatting subcategory. For the "Date Header Format" select "DD Month YYYY" style, (two digit day, name of month, four digit year with no commas) and then select "Save Settings." Presto, done!

Additional Details

If you do have access to your own image host, you might want to  host the images at your own server. To do so download the images here and replace image URL's in the code with the corresponding URL's at your server. Images are listed with the id and class they are associated with to locate them in the code.

Also, the text in the "thought cloud" will be replaced with whatever text you have entered in as your blog's description. To change this text, from the Dashboard go to the Settings tab and select the Basic subcategory. Enter in your desired text in the textarea labeled "Description." When you are finished click "save" at the bottom of the page and your blog should now display the new text in the "thought cloud."

I would love to get your feedback on this template! What do you think about Lucky Star? Also, if you need any assistance with this template, feel free to comment below as well. I hope you like it!

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