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Thumb I have been super busy online lately, but who isn't really? I have been spending practically all day online! What's the difference between that and watching television all day if your a home-body and a loner? Nothing wrong with that!

At the risk of showing my true lameness, I admit, that I am having so much fun though! As some may already know, this is a considerably new blog, with it's debut in February of this year. Though I have been a "web designer" and been writing HTML since 1996, due to different circumstances I have been "offline" for a long time, two years about. Which by web-standards would be considered at least double as long.

So I'm (me, Lauren Thompson and my online pseudonym "Nymphont") are practically unknown, and without anything to show for myself really. And, some well known designers that I corresponded with, don't remember me. Well, actually some I assume wouldn't but I am too timid to find out. But anyways, I digress.

None of the websites I had or designed exist any longer, save for some diaryland journals and other such sites that wouldn't be considered substantial.

My dot.com's expired and were claimed by others. Lilpeach.net, and the one that breaks my heart the most: pixel-vixen.com. Now that's a domain name right. PIMP shit. That's what you'd call it. Last time I checked, was worth around six thousand dollars. Bastards. I bought it for $10.99 in 1997. I am so pissed I lost that.

But I digress again! The point is, my return to the world wide web was only in 2008, "Web 2.0" and the social network explosion is something new to me that I am thoroughly enjoying. I can see why social media and networking have become such a fundamental part of the web, and though we're moving on a bit from Web 2.0, social networking I predict will only evolve with the culture of the Internet.

I do regret that I did take a hiatus from the world wide web, and did during my absence as well. The web is a passion for me, if not an addiction.

So in my new-found love of Internet social networks, I have been busy joining and trying to become active in a few. Social network icons to some that I have joined will be in the sidebar shortly. Fun stuff!

A few social networks that you can find Nymphont are: twitter (which I love) deviantART, and flickr.

And speaking of, I am off to do a little more social networking. Next up, digg, delicious, and stumbleupon. Give your life a listen and stay tuned, ta ta. ~Lauren


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I'm Lauren, self-proclaimed "dweeb," and "the coolest person I know." Single mom, making fonts & designing stuff in my free time.

What began as doodling Fraktur during class, as an adult became focused creation of typographic art for print and for screen, including this digital type experiment I call "Nymphont."

I do freelance web and graphic design along with type design. The icons below link to social networks and bookmarking sites that I am involved with.

From the fabulous Las Vegas, Lauren "Nymphont"

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