Pink & Black Grunge Free Desktop Wallpaper

Pink & Black Grunge Free Desktop WallpaperAfter making my last free desktop wallpaper, I wanted to make one that was more my style, something I would like to use myself, rather than something that just fit the season/holiday. The end result is a pink and black grunge design shown below. Like the last wallpaper, it does have a love motif just in time for Valentine's Day yet is not limited to use during the holiday; and is suitable to use any time of year.

Well, that is if you like pink and black and grunge at least. I know I sure do! This wallpaper reads "Love solves everything" with a "bleeding" heart design set amongst asymmetrical grunge stripes. The lettering is done is a typeface of my own design which I call Libitina though it is not yet ready for public consumption.

A thumbnail is shown below as a preview of the wallpaper, following the image is the download link. I apologize, earlier this year I lost the majority of my online stored data and much that was also stored physically. Due to this loss, this wallpaper is only available in the small, 1024x768 size resolution. The license to download this wallpaper is free, however it is not permitted that they are redistributed or republished as is or in an altered state. Thanks, Enjoy!

Pink & Black Grunge Wallpaper
Thumbnail of Pink & Black Grunge WallpaperDownload Wallpaper

This wallpaper is currently gracing my desktop as I am really happy with how it turned out myself. What do you think of this latest free wallpaper? Like it, love it, hate it? If you have tried this wallpaper and would like to share your thoughts please leave a comment!

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