going down

going down When my first font was the second most popular font in the "Fancy/Retro" category, I was pretty darn proud. and it slowly began to descend, but held the tenth most popular in the category for a longtime after, meaning it was still on the first page in the category, thus i felt a little accomplished, my font was still a worthwhile one to see.

then i made lt chickenhawk. which has had two stretches at the #1 spot of the top 100 on dafont today lt chickenhawk's second "stretch" at number one much to my dismay has come to an end, "Pee Pants Script" by Kirk Shelton has again reclaimed the spot.

number #2 on the top 100... just doesn't do it for me.i try to sense accomplishment with this to no avail.

everything is gravy when your at the top. the worlds your oyster. the worlds at your feet.

you pay your backup dancers and practicaly your entire home town enormous sums of money. share the wealth ya know? get the finest marble for your home. solid 24 karat gold faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen. and real 24 karat gold leaf crown molding and ceiling medallions.
build a climate controlled garage for your collection of exotic cars...

but then all of the sudden, just like that, it's STOP! Hammer Time is over, those adoring fans tell you that you're no longer legit, just quit....

so the money stops rolling in like it had and you get swallowed in debt with all the finery's you acquired during your ride at the top where are those backup dancers you so handsomely compensated, to whom you lent a hand now that your down? who knows. they couldn't help you anyways, they probably already wasted everything you gave them on hookers and blow. I mean, what else did you expect them to do?

Poor Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer. We the public and the media in general, were particularly harsh on those two, their decent was swift,cold and steep, as we were fickle and shared a common lack of interest in them or even a harbored distaste for them.

and poor vanilli. he has tried and tried to redeem himself. and we rip him to shreds every time. I'd want to smash a drum set and swear too.

but i digress just a little bit, what it's really like at number 2... it's inevitable. Newtons Law strikes again. Oh well. Newtons Law doesn't piss me off as much as Murphy's Law.

What number two really does for me, is make me want to create more number ones'.

so stay tuned.

*note: please excuse the lack of proper punctuation and the existence of mis-punctuation, typos and all the other other crimes against typography.

I'm typing predominantly with my "non- smoking hand" (Jeff Foxworthy reference funny ha ha) trying not to ash on my keyboard.

Smoking.Isn't it lovely. Bastards. But I don't even want to go into that right now.

Hate the smoke, love the smoker okay? till then,


*personal note: there is no fucking reason for your faucets to be made of solid 24k gold. unless your allergic...to water coming out of faucets that are not 24k gold. otherwise your just a really big asshole.



Kirk said...

McHammer is playing at our local big time Indian casino.

also, my newest font FAUCET has had daily DL's in the 800's. not to shabby. I think the update bumped it to the top of "new fonts" so that helps.

I'm still waiting for Negatron, my latest to show up.

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