Street Cred! Thanks to the Wayback Machine

If you haven't discovered the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine yet, let me tell you, it is definitely one if the internet's most interesting and significant websites. The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine does just what the name implies. Since 1996, the non-profit organization has been collecting any and all available digital data from the world wide web that it was able to acquire. I think it's a must see, harking back to the good old days, the early days of my affair with the Internet and making web pages.

What's really wonderful about the Wayback Machine, is that archived pages are functional; you can click on the links and "surf," the web as it was at that particular time. I get to visit old favorites that are now defunct, radness! And best of all, I can take a look back at my own past on the world wide web.

I had to share with you this screen cap of this DHTML tabbed discography (Smashing Pumpkins) I created in 1998. DHTML. At the time, none of my fellow dweebs with a Smashing Pumpkins fan site (yes, I had an SP fan site!) incorporated DHTML into their web pages. Nope. That was cutting edge. And I don't mean to toot my own horn, (yes I do) but at the time I had one of the most comprehensive and complete SP discographies on the web. Not that it's something to brag about, {he he} actually now it's a little embarrassing. Nonetheless, check out the discography at Laurie Angel's Pumpkin Shrine from 1998.

Mind you the colors are horrendous, the archived page is just my completed DHTML tab "outline" as it were, so it's not at it's fully complete appearance with colors and fonts selected, but it is at it's functional completion. If you visit the page, and I do hope you take a peek, click on the tabs. They have no cursor change on mouse over, as the DHTML dictates, but trust me the tabs all work. Smoothly too I might add. Good coding, man that's good coding! And you know what, if DHTML was cross browser compliant and I didn't loathe IE, I would use a tabbed menu like this again.

Archive Screencapture

I will have more of my own archived goodies as well as some nostalgic fan-favorites to share so stay tuned. ~Nymphont


Kirk said...

the way back machine is great! its the only way to see my band's old website.

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