Onwards & Upwards with Type to Inspire

Onwards & Upwards with Type to InspireThis post is more like a "twit," as in just a quick note, like a twitter update.

Nymphont would not like to dwell on the events depicted by my previous post, nor would I like anyone else. So, onwards and upwards, let's return to the subject at hand which is typography!

To gratify your typographic cravings, here are some nifty examples that should do the trick & hopefully inspire. Enjoy.

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Susan Smith - Starsunflower said...

Oh my goodness, gorgeous! I love the patchwork quilts typography. I have a thing for those super decorative fonts. Not sure what they are called - ones like Azteak, romantiques, cast iron, circus, exotica...

There is a certain vibe that is evoked in people who love fonts. When they see certain fonts it brings about an emotional response, like a romanticism. You obviously have that in spades, lol! It's so cool.

I wish I could spend 2 years devoting my life entirely to font research. For now I just look at them and say ooh pretty!

Moderator said...

I know exactly what you mean! I actually have a trove of images like this, random bits of type that I had to save, simply for the purpose of admiring! The quality of the image matter not. I get lost on letters sometimes lol.

I mean we are talking 2 color B & W bitmaps, I simply had keep them! I have a large collection of them on Photobucket actually. I thought of randomly sharing them as I have in this post, but, with all the fancy posters and artwork out there, I don't think it would really make great material to share.

I have loved fonts since learning of them and they were one of the most enjoyable of my computing utilities. (if not the most enjoyable)

I admired and respected type designers, and font designers, I did not consider making an actual font of my own to be within my capabilities.

I wish now, that I hadn't deprived myself! Ah, the mistakes I have made, how I have learned from them and regret.

I am disapointed with all of my fonts, the ones I have made that is, to be honest.

I would love to spend to years devoted to font research as well. I hope to have that luxury sometime! XD


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