Inspiration: Western Style

Inspiration Western StyleLucky for me, ( and you if you love typography ) my sister happens to be quite the book enthusiast, her collection of books is a wonderful source for finding inspiring examples of typography. The books in these examples can actually be purchased from her blog Random & Unusual Books.

Today's inspiring examples are of the "western" variety. Lately it seems I am particularly fond of this look. As a matter of fact, I am almost reluctant in sharing these with you, I treasure them that much, I want to horde them away for myself. So I do hope you enjoy them and find them inspiring.
Thumbnails are cropped as well as re-sized, so you must click to view larger and full size images!
Give The Lady What She Wants! Click to enlarge and view entire image A Talent for Detail - The Photographs of Miss Francis Benjamin Johnston 1889- 1910 Click to enlarge and view entire image

Left: Lovely western-styled type used on this cover of "Give The Lady What She Wants!" by Lloyd Wendt and Herman Kogan. Double click to view larger & complete cover image.

Right: Another interesting example of a western-styled typeface can be seen here on this cover of "A Talent for Detail - The Photographs of Miss Francis Benjamin Johnston 1889- 1910" By Pete Daniel and Raymond Smock. Double click to view larger & complete cover image.



Liza said...

I REALLY like the Champagne & Limousine's font. So much that I'm thinking of using it in VN's upcoming theme. =D

Btw, beautiful theme. I love how it looks so grunge-like and yet has a composed/elegant feel to it.

Moderator said...

Thanks Liza :) Though it bears no resemblance to your site, it was Visual Nightmare that inspired me to design, & to take the look up a notch here in this blog. So thanks.

And that would be wonderful if you chose Champagne & Limousines for VN's next layout. I designed that font with designers in mind. I thought there was a need for a sleek sans serif alternative. I really strove for perfection with that font and made letter shapes in ways that *I* personally found appealing without worrying about the outcome, you know?

Anywho, you might have noticed that I linked you at the bottom of my page, a reciprocal link is not necessary of course. (But it would be totally okay :P)

Starsunflower Studio said...

So cool! I went on a binge font hunt a couple of months ago for every western font I could find, lol. These are very sweet.

I love the websites that look like old fashioned newspapers. This site has a few:


Moderator said...


Hi there, thanks! Oh a font binge like that sounds fun! And thanks for sharing the link, awesome site!

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