Hooray! New Fonts Up

Thumb Much to my delight, the highly anticipated dafont.com update arrived today, and all the fonts I submitted were added. Which means, Champagne & Limousines, LT White Fang, Nymph's Handwriting, & LT Sweet Nothings are all now available to download free for personal use along with the fonts I already offer on dafont.com. So please do, check them out.

Download statistics are updated 7:00 CEST, which would be 10:00pm here, now I anticipate that information. Am I a really big nerd or what?

I am also stoked to see that my dingbat LT Sweet Nothings was given what I refer to as "Third Billing," on dafont's index page; that is, it landed in one of the three possible slots on the index page, third as it is on the bottom. Nice, not too shabby! Thanks dafont! I fricken love that site.

LT Sweet Nothings Dingbat
*Update: View & Download LT Sweet Nothings Dingbat »

It is a pretty wicked cool dingbat, too, LT Sweet Nothings. I think designers and just your average font-user could find this font useful. It's got all the stuff we like to clutter our designs with: skulls, guns, scrolls, swirls, and many more designs that I am proud to have created. It even includes a token marijuana leaf, he he.

At any rate, I feel kinda like I'm naked right now, because I'm fashioning this blog layout little by little, don't be suprised if you see multiple subtle and/or drastic changes here. I would prefer that design decisions were decided upon and came about without the process being visible online, but what can you do? The world could wait no longer for Nymphont's blog, I expidited it's unveiling and now I'm "getting dressed" as we go.

I'm just about ready, pay no mind to any unflattering tan lines (therer shouldn't be any, but just incase) while I'm exposed like this okay? Thanks.

Oh, and the new header logo. I like it. Much better. That's Nymphont. Vegas baby.


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