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About Me It's really rare when I say much about myself (personally) online but I am in a giving mood so, I'd like to share a few random facts about myself:

When I was little...

  • I thought if penguins really tried, they could fly. They just weren't trying hard enough.
  • On a field trip in the first grade, I got lost at the San Fransisco Zoo. It was kind of a big deal. They didn't realize they lost a child until doing the head count on the buses going home. Can you imagine what it must have been like for those teachers when they realized they were one child short? I (obviously) was found and okay. Didn't get kidnapped or raped, but I bet those teachers were shittin a brick for a minute!
  • I used to dress my younger brother up like a girl, and call him "Suzy." I even went so far as to put a wig on him that my mom had, and then I'd walk him around the neighborhood. It's a wonder that kid didn't end up having serious issues.


  • I can open a beer bottle with my teeth. Preferably Newcastle, thank you very much.
  • I feel bad when I think about eating animals, but they taste so good sometimes. Sorry Peta.
  • The little "coffin with wings logo" I use for Nymphont was inspired by the tattoo I have on the back of my neck. I am not a tattoo freak really, but I have been thinking of getting a type-inspired one..
  • I'm sort of superstitious, I try not to set my purse down on the floor or ground for example, and if I am walking with one person or more besides myself, I try to avoid splitting from them. If while walking for instance, we came upon a street sign, light-pole or any other object we'd have to go around, I prefer that we both go around the object the same way, rather than split and meet again. If this is unavoidable and we do part, as soon as we again meet past the object I have to say "Bread and Butter." Because bread and butter stick together, get it? Weird huh? It's sort of a reminder to me, to be in the moment, and to care about who I am with and what we are doing.
  • I am a fucking cheeze-ball. I am a lover. I am incapable of any love other than unconditional love.

I love...

  • Being a mom
  • Coca-cola (They should sponsor me, this shits gonna kill me I drink it too much)
  • Burn Notice
  • Music
  • Dancing (alone)
  • Reading. Just about anything.
  • Trying to learn different languages
  • New York. The city and the state. Las Vegas, San Fransisco, San Diego... pretty much the whole state of California. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
  • "The Human Experience," I guess. People, are pretty great. We're a neat creature us humans sometimes.
  • Nancy Grace. Don't lie you do too. (I do a great Nancy Grace impression by the way, shame I can't share that with you)
  • Cheeze-Itz
  • Typography :)
  • Laughing. Make me laugh!

I would like...

  • To swear less maybe, or that swearing wasn't so frowned upon. Either or. :)
  • Go back to school.
  • Move away from here.
  • Be in love. Forever I mean. Yup. That would be cool.
  • Our children to be safe. Maybe it's because I am a mom, but I really lose sleep over children that are being, or have been harmed. I wish there was something I could do.
  • To be forgiven

I try...

  • To do the right thing.



Moderator said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cxard said...

this comment brought to you by CXARD :D

Moderator said...

Hiya ~cxard :) Thanks for visiting me bloggy

Unknown said...

Hello there the talented Nymphont,
Just wanna say that I'm admiring your works here :)
Keep it up!

Hannes De Block said...

Lauren, about the tattoos, check this out

Moderator said...

A u d e e,
Thanks so much! Come back anytime :) Have a great day!

Hannes De Block,
Hello, thanks for sharing that link. I enjoyed those as well and tweeted it. Have a great day.

OldMrBill said...

Just a thought.....

"Today will soon enough become tomorrow, and spent wisely will then become a yesterday to remember." wtl

Nymphont needed?

Moderator said...

@ OldMrBill,

Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment. I still havent fully learned this lesson yet I think. Hopefully I will soon!

Adrian said...

re: laughing

Q. Whats brown, stands on stilts and looks through your window?
A. A nosey shit!
Childish... but it never fails.

You are forgiven!

Amazing... beautiful... wonderful site. Keep up the fantastic work. A.(graphic designer)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking my comment onboard.
I have a query. I have a private blog, so normal recent comments widgets don't work for me. I did some research but there seems to be nothing out there. I did try to fiddle with the template code but no positive results so far.
Is it possible to loop through the posts and their comments and just extract the comments alone into a widget? Is there any other solution that you can think of that will address this issue?
Regards, Sherin

Moderator said...

Thanks so much have a super day

I have no idea on this, sorry. I don't use a recent comments widget myself. Well, have a super day anyways.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lauren. Was worth a try :).
I find your search box code useful. I also love the lower most bar, which is really unique.
Looking forward to more templates from you. Have a super day yourself.
Regards, Sherin.

Moderator said...

Thanks so much, good luck finding a solution.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog....and think you are absolutely adorable, quirks and all.

BTW, do you know an easy way for me to put my signature at the end of each post in Blogger?


Moderator said...


I believe from the Dashboard's Settings tab under "Formatting" you can enter in a signature or whatever else you want to appear at the end of posts in the box labled "Post Template," but I myself have never used this. One other way would be to enter in the HTML for your signature from the HTML editor. You would have to check the box labeled "expand widget templates" and paste the HTML after this piece of code: < data: post.body / >
(note I had to add spaces because I was not allowed to enter this HTML as a comment, when you look for the real html be sure to delete spaces from that pace of code)

Let me know if you need anymore help.

RainbowHeart said...

You seem really cool ^^ I'd love to get to know you and be friends! :D

Mark JS Esslemont said...

Nice ideas Lauren. Any relative of the Natal Thompsons?

Matt said...

Intriguing, I look forward to perusing your blog.

Mia said...

No one can ever top this "About Me " page Pixie :)) it's as original as your work & then some ! Love ya my little PixelVixen ❤

Moderator said...

Thank you :D Have a super day!

Thanks so much :D Have a super day as well :)

@Mark JS Esslemont,
Thanks so much, and no I do not believe I have a Natal in the tree, pretty certain I am not but... where abouts' would they be from?

Thanks so much :) Have a super day!

Ty :) I thought it was kind of plain/dorky (and perhaps even offensive/not politically correct) but FUCK CENSORSHIP.

(Except pertaining to little babies sometimes we must protect them, in that case: Parental Advisory This Blog contains Explicit Lyrics):P

I ❤ you as well, you rock!
~PixelVixen (And TY you for calling me that again as well, that is and was my moniker for so long, no reason to give it just because i no longer have the dot.com right?

Mia said...

Damn skippy my littel PixelVixen - thats who you'll always be to me ! My " surrogate online child " LOL -thas it: I have to figure out a way to legally adopt you ( even if it is online ! ) & yes- you can use foul language Freely ! :)) Hugs u & squeezes u , even if its through the damn monitor ! Can ya feel the love ? ❤❤❤❤ heheeee


Anonymous said...

hi lauren how can i reach u, u have a email??

Piper said...

Hi Lauren
just wanted to say how much I love your fonts and how im using them as my own secret weapon to getting good marks in typography assignments ;) thanks so much

F. said...

I love your templates! They make me want to make more blogs just so I can use these templates. :D

fonzooo (zo0oted@aol.com) said...

will you marry me??!!?!??!?!?!?!

p.s. caviar dreams is like one of my
fav. type faces

Kirk Fields said...

...since ya feel bad about eatin' animals, here's an idea: only eat 'em on pita (bread), then as you're gulpin' em down ya could say "Peta (pita) wants me to eat ya" - the animal spirits can't spell, so they'd curse Peta, diverting the guilt away from you and directly to them (aka " 'em ")...

...prob solved...teehee... :)~

Anonymous said...

Nice !

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