The Nymphont Winged Coffin Logo Design

The Nymphont Winged Coffin Logo Design I think most who are familiar with myself and my pseudonym/brand/moniker "Nymphont" are also familiar with the "winged coffin" logo I use with the name. It is something that I really am quiet proud of though it brings me no accolades or prestige, but because it is very personal, and symbolizes me quite well. And I just like the design, and have a lot of fun using it. That said, it is deserving a bit more detail.

Nymphont Logo
Here's a basic run-down on the logo I use for branding "Nymphont." Since Nymphont is me, the logo does have personal significance, the coffin with wings logo is actually inspired by a tattoo that I have on the back of my neck (photo below )
A coffin has a definitivly Gothic theme, so I chose a Gothic black-letter font for the lowercase 'n' inside the coffin, which of course represents Nymphont.
Nymphont LogoNymphont Logo
Nymphont Logo
But I didn't choose any old black-letter. The letter 'n' used is actually from my unreleased black-letter typeface design called LT Libitina. So it is, totally unique to, and a perfect representation of, Nymphont.

Then for the lettering of the Nymphont wording itself, I used Avant Garde bold, Herb Lubalin's fantastic typeface.
Nymphont Lettering Style
The name Nymphont does have it's measure of shock value, and therefore needs no emphasis, so the emphasis is re-directed by the different coloring for the letters ' NYM ' and ' PHONT. ' The emphasis is on fonts.

This logo may not be copied or re-distributed in anyway shape or form please! This logo IS me. Appreciate all feedback.



Kenneth Lemus said...

Hello my name is Kenneth and I am from Zixpk.com. I just wanted to say how outstanding your blogger template. The design is just incredible. Its hard to come across great blogger templates, and let me say that yours is beyond great :)


Moderator said...

Thanks so much! I have worked quite hard on it :)

gautam said...

Really great image. you're template is extremely good. also it is one of the best customised blogger templates i have seen. It has the vintage theme. looks really cool.!

Moderator said...

Thanks so much! I have been working on it for a while. When I do retire it I think I will make a free version anyone could download and use :)

Moderator said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Here a comment from The Netherlands
Unbelieveble surprising. But your fonts especially LT Oksana are beautiful and very real.

Moderator said...

Thanks so much :) for all your nice comments! I am glad you like my blog :) Come back anytime, and feel free to comment/contact me as I really appreciate the feedback!

Anonymous from The Netherlands,
Hello, I am so glad to hear you like LT Oksana :) I do believe it is my best font design altogether original and unique, glad you like it!

Have a swell day & thanks again :)

Moderator said...

Thanks so much.

Manik said...

Your blog is pretty impressive. This logo template is also very nice.
Thanks for sharing.

Web Designing said...

Nice logo design here i like it thanks fro shearing!

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