Nymphette Dingbat Font

Nymphette Dingbat FontIntroducing Nymphette, a decorative dingbat font by Nymphont, comprised of 22 unique individual scroll and flourish-like adornments, presented at various angles for convenience.

The shapes are actually designed like centuries old calligraphic-style text ornaments, intended for embellishment where needed. This is the first dingbat I ever made.

Nymphette Dingbat Font Promo
Download Font

The zip contains 1 font file in Windows TrueType format. This dingbat font is free for personal and commercial use. That's right, feel free to use this font in personal as well as commercial projects. I do accept paypal donations! Enjoy!

Nymphette Dingbat Font Example
Nymphette Dingbat Font Example



gautam said...

Really great fonts. these are more like shapes which can be used for artwork :)

Moderator said...

Thank you :)

LivE said...

i love this! i just discovered your site and am bookmarking it now! thanks so much for sharing your awesome work so generously!

Moderator said...

You're welcome :) I am glad you like this :) :)

John Gabriel Arends said...

Hey there!

I'm a musician and graphic designer. I'm releasing a new Christmas CD this December, and I was delighted to find your Nymphette font. I think it will work perfectly to accent my artwork with a little bit of classy flair.

If I end up using the font in the final design, I will try to let you see it. (I can send a free CD your way if you have a place I can mail it to...)

Moderator said...

Hiya, thanks so much for the comment. That is great that this font will be useful to you, and I would love to see it if you do end up using it in your final design. I'm visiting your website right now so that I can look for an email adress I can send you my snail mail address to. Have a super day.

John Gabriel Arends said...

I don't know if you found it or not, but my email address is john at johnarendsmusic dot com.

Unknown said...

nymphette doesn't seem to be available.

broken link

Moderator said...

@John Gabriel Arends
Thanks, I could not find your email on your site, will mail you in a bit then. Have a super day.

Thanks so much for letting me know! I appreciate it. The download is now fixed. Thanks again for the heads up. Have a super day.

John Gabriel Arends said...

Hey Lauren,

I don't know if you're still interested in seeing what I did with your font or not. But if so, you can check out johnarendsmusic.com. Your font can be seen in the second image in the rotating flash header.

Ivory Cards said...

Thank you so much for your great gift, these were just what I've been looking for. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

cLaire said...

I'm a fan!!! <3

Anonymous said...

this is my first font donwnload: i just looked for samethings like NYMPHETTE to personalise same letter for personal use: NYMPHETTE is so lovely thank you very much for the free download
i also love LT Oksana

Lisa said...

Hi I love this font....I downloaded it but cant seem to figure out how to use it....Letters just come up not flourishes...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous font!

SuperSugoi said...

Hello! I am from SuperSugoiSoftStudios, and we are using this font in our game, a point-and-click adventure called SELF.
You have used it in our menu borders so far.
You can check how they look here: en.supersugoi.net/ss/3545/

Thanks for sharing this beautiful font!

Karen Creftor said...

Gorgeous work! Thank you for making this freebie :)

I've featured it on my free dingbat font blog: http://www.freedingbatfonts.co.uk/2013/12/free-nymphette-dingbat-scrollwork-font.html

fairymakeup said...

I can not understand how I can use this bigbat. mmm how can I download it and use it for my items ?

Unknown said...

Hello, I am a Korean game graphic artist. I found your font and would like to use it for future work. (Not as a font inside the game, but as a logo or UI source.)

What a nice and decorative useful font!

I'm leaving a comment after checking the part that asks me to contact you while reading the scope of use. May you always be healthy!

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