25 Best Free Blogger Templates Ever List

25 Best Blogger Templates EverFinding the perfect template for your Blogspot can become somewhat daunting with the multitude of template sites and their many templates, not to mention weeding out the good templates from the not-so-good.

Rest assured, none of the templates in this list suck. Quite the contrary, all of these templates rock. Some are magnificent just the way they are, while the ease of customizing others is precisley what makes them magnificent.

Many thanks to the generous and talented designers who made these free templates for the blogosphere to enjoy. Here are my picks for the 25 Best Free Blogger Templates Ever.(Demos will open in a new browser window)

#1 Compositio
Demo | Download Site
#2 Magazeen
Demo | Download Site
#3 Smash My Typo
Demo | Download Site
Smash My Typo
#4 Community
Demo | Download Site
#5 WP Sora
Demo | Download Site
WP Sora
#6 Inove
Demo | Download Site
#7 Uncomplicated
Demo | Download Site
#8 Heartland
Demo | Download Site
#9 Not Magazine
Demo | Download Site
Not Magazine
#10 Gadget Blog
Demo | Download Site
#11 Versatility Light
Demo | Download Site
Versatility Light
#12 Communist
Demo | Download Site
#13 Disciple
Demo | Download Site
#14 Business Talk
Demo | Download Site
Business Talk
#15 Emporium
Demo | Download Site
#16 Viluxus
Demo | Download Site
# 17 Statement
Demo | Download Site
#18 Applesweet
Demo | Download Site
#19 LightWord
Demo | Download Site
#20 Clinic
Demo | Download Site
#21 Dark Flower
Demo | Download Site
Dark Flower
#22 Shopping Bag
Demo | Download Site
Shopping Bag
#23 Cosmo
Demo | Download Site
#24 Citrus Pink
Demo | Download Site
Citrus Pink
#25 Bizmax
Demo | Download Site



cheth said...

Nice roundup, i think you saw only my old round up.. that was long back.. I've done another roundup. :)

I like your collection too. nice work.

Anonymous said...

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choen said...

yup, nice collection.

Anonymous said...

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Moderator said...

Hi, thank you all so much for your comments, I'm glad you stopped by and like my selections. I really appreciate the feedback :) Thanks again! Have a swell day :)

website design said...

your templates are so fabulous! they'r all amazing.

Moderator said...

@Website Design,
Hi, thanks I am glad you like these templates, but I can only take credit for compiling them, I didn't make them. This is just my roundup of the best templates available.

I did design the theme of my blog of course and will be making some for the public to download soon :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! This template is simply super.... easy to download

Admin Webdesign Company said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

hi! i like the designs. check out the source of the template.
Thank you!
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GladzCalang said...

nice templates.. :)

Unknown said...

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Moderator said...

@VKBhardwaj - Yes, very nice collection of free templates there. Great work.

abelbrain said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BGY said...

really nice tempaltes

rahul sethi fatehabad said...

very nice but should me more templates................

Unknown said...

very useful template i used one template from this in my blog quizvook.blogspot.com

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