New Dingbat & Other Projects...

New Dingbat & Other Projects... I just submitted the new dingbat I created, LT Sweet Nothings, to dafont.com for review. I hope that it will be included on the next update, along with my other new submissions, LT White Fang Font and Nymph's Handwriting Font.

New fonts are added approximately once a month so it shouldn't be long to wait for the next update.

LT Sweet Nothings Dingbat Font
LT Sweet Nothings Dingbat Font »

It is neat to see how my fonts are being received. So for now, and at least till I get my domain (nymphont .com) situated, I have no plans to change this as I don't see it as an inconvenience really.

Also... my friends at Horror Show skateboards have asked me to create stuff for them... as a matter of fact they said I can design their entire site, which is way cool and I do not want to pass that up. But I must admit I am a little intimidated, they are super cool guys though, and I know them and their style well. I think I'll start with a sticker design first though, he he he. Just kidding, I can't wait to get started on that.
Some old journal/blog templates I designed for myself and others a few years ago...(Yes they do enlarge if you click on them):

Simple Life journal

Childsprey Layout for Danielle

The image directly above with "Lauren's Homepage," is an old PG personal site I created for my folks, he he. Yeah, telling my Dad my domain name was... interesting. He said, "Yeah, like a wood nymph. Right." Well Daddy, that's me, your little stripper in Vegas. Ha ha. There's no shame in my game though!

Set Me Free using Frail & Bedazzled font
Oh and I found this on flicker, someone using my font Frail&Bedazzled on some stuff. Cool.



Kirk said...

Cool. i hate waiting for Dafont.

I wonder what the base their criteria for adding or denying fonts?

I now realize a few of mine have been denied. but dont know why. they seemed ok.

Moderator said...

Yeah, my "Champagne Sans," was not added once so I resubmitted it with a note to the recipient in the author note box explaining i was resubmitting because I was unsure it it was intentionally excluded, and if it were not added again i would not be a bother about it again and understand that its just dafonts selection process. said thank you yada da either way.... and i received an email back from Rudolphe the webmaster explaining he thought that my font was so similar to century gothic and he was afraid that people would say negative comments about it.

it is similar to centurey, but thats because its a light geometric sans serif. its as similar as any other light geo sans, and there are many many unique features to it, he actually said that he liked my font better, particularly the ampersand. My font is lovlier too! except for that hinting shit font creator is incapable of. but anywho.

he suggested I rename the font to Champagne & something and re-submit, which i did. its not Champagne & Limousines because it's just the pimp shit.

geo sans perfection in regular regular bold thick thick bold regular and bold italic, thick and thick bold italic.
but who knows if he will add it, oh well.

its still an excellent font. I use it on all my graphics when I need a plain font look.

so whether or not dafont adds it, i got the perfect sans serif if you need one, actually I made a few... and it's free! he he

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