Tops of the Types August

Tops of the Types August Font I hope you enjoy my selections in this the third official installment of "Top's of the Types." Where I share ten of my favorite and recommended free font finds, one Tuesday a month. As usual, the download links will refer you to the source or authors website, rather than being available directly from this blog.

Feel free to comment whether you like or dislike any particular font, or offer suggestions as well. I am always looking for the next month's "Top's of the Types." On to the fonts, enjoy!
#1 Blog the Impaler Font | Kirk Shelton
Where to Download »
Blog the Impaler Font
#2 Key Tab Metal Font | Michael Tension
Where to Download »
Key Tab Metal Font
#3 Slasher Font | Blue Vinyl Fonts
Where to Download »
Slasher Font
#4 Pincoya Black Font | Daniel Hernandez
Where to Download »
Pincoya Black Font
#5 Fast Type Font | Vergedgf
Where to Download »
Fast Type Font
#6 Deutsche Zierschrift Font | Dieter Steffmann
Where to Download »
Deutsche Zierschrift Font
#7 Romance Fatal LCD Font | Juan Casco
Where to Download »
Romance Fatal LCD Font
#8 Ornatique Font | Designstation
Where to Download »
Ornatique Font
#9 Indonesiana Serif Free Font | Abdul Hafiz Hilman
Where to Download »
Indonesiana Serif Free Font
#10 Mank Sans Font | Manfred Klein
Where to Download »
Mank Sans Font



gautam said...

Slasher and pincoya black are good ones! Wonderful list! Thanx

Anonymous said...

Slasher is awesome. I didn't know about it, thanks.

Moderator said...

You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Ornatique is no longer available in Designstation :(

Anonymous said...

i lov indonesian :) <3

Ted Andy said...

yang indonesiana keren..

Anonymous said...

wow indonesian (Y)

Anonymous said...

indonesian is cool

ada deh :P said...

Indonesiana serif. Cool!! :I love Indonesia:

FizzBlog said...

Thx for Nymfont for place my font "Indonesiana Serif" ..... Thx untuk semua masyarakat Indonesia, saya sebagai "pencipta" huruf Indonesiana Serif merasa bangga!..
Maju terus Indonesiana

FizzBlog said...

Please follow my other font from Indonesiana Family on dafont.com! http://www.dafont.com/search.php?psize=m&q=indonesiana (Disana ada Update dari perbaikan pada huruf "k" di Indonesiana Serif Repackaged"

M@ulana Rubida said...

Indonesiana Serif, is great. I luv u Inonesia

Anonymous said...

Thank's for share...I love Indonesia

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