Tuesdays 10: Tops of the Types 2

Tuesdays 10: Tops of the Types 2 As usual, I've been 'stumbling' and 'digging' all sorts of 'del.icio.us' typefaces during the past few weeks, I think you will like ten font's that made it into this month's Tops of the Type.

The fonts are linked to the source/author's website rather than distributing them from here, to give you a chance to see what else they have to offer & because they deserve your visit. Enjoy.

#1 Aaargh Normal Font | Tup Wanders
Where to Download »
Aaargh Normal Font

#2 Dreamland Font | dustBUST
Where to Download »
Dreamland Font

#3 Sweet Doughnuts Font | Flop Design
Where to Download »
Sweet Doughnuts Font

#4 Scrum Bucket Font | Tioem
Where to Download »
Scrum Bucket Font

#5 Display Font | Denis Serikov
Where to Download »
Display Font

#6 Geronto Font | Jack Usine
Where to Download »
Geronto Font

#7 Bosox Font | Lee Gordon
Where to Download »
Bosox Font

#8 Lane - Narrow Font | Graham Mead
Where to Download »
Lane - Narrow Font

#9 Fish Soup Font | Fuel Fonts
Where to Download »
Fishsoup Font

#10 Sophia Font | Jerome Berthemet
Where to Download »
Sophia Font



Nik Coughlin said...

Lane Narrow is beautiful, downloading now, thanks :)

Moderator said...

You're welcome :) I thought it was quite lovely too.

:) said...

thanks for commenting!

i'm still in the process of sorting everything out - i recently moved to a domain with hosting so i'm still kind of trying to figure how to work this and everything but thanks for your comment! i'll be sure to add you to my credits list when i sort my life out.

i love all of your fonts & i'm apologetic that i haven't had a chance to actually visit most of the sites where i obtain my fonts - your graphics are so gorgeous!

koeiekat said...

Why Bosox?

Philipp said...

Great list! Lane Narrow is one of my favourites.

Moderator said...

@koeiekat lol :P You crack me up. I dunno really, it's kinda old-fashioned "circus-y/western-y" looking, I really dig that look a lot lately, regarding decorative fonts that is. And I like the fact there are different styles available. I am dying to make my own font of the "circus-y/western-y" variety. Will have to do so ASAP. Really I do.

I did make one, but I swear the day I was to debut it, this font http://www.dafont.com/outlaw.font was added to dafont and went to #1, which looked almost identical to what I had made. Same letter-styles w/ some distressing, the exact same idea. So I had to can it. But I have some more original ideas I am anxious to bring to fruition. For the love and respect of type, I do hope for an honest opinion on them too! So don't hold back, I don't bite anymore. :)

Moderator said...

@Phillip Thanks :) Glad you stopped by my humble little blogspot.

Tup Wanders said...

Thanks for putting my Aaargh font in the list!

Moderator said...

You're welcome :) All oyour fonts are great :) Your website btw is very funny too :)

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