Blogger Templates by Nymphont?

Thumb Hello! Well, I write today, because I would like some feedback on this idea I have been pondering; creating/customizing some free blogger templates. I see that for some making a blogger template or customizing one could be quite difficult, and being that I am now somewhat comfortable in doing so, I thought I should make some for others to use free.

Still, there already are several sites where one can obtain a blogger template in existence, and I am unsure if making more would be useful. I get few comments on most posts as it is, (hint hint!) so I am not optimistic about this post being any different, but I seek and welcome your feedback on this.

What do you think about custom or pre-made blogger templates? Would you like to see pre-made or custom templates by Nymphont?


mario said...

Your site is very beautiful. maybe some tutorials or templates about creating such templates for blogger would be great. ;)

Moderator said...

Mario, thank you so much :0) I appreciate the feedback, and I am glad that you like my blog :) I think that sharing some of my blogger tips and resources in tutorials is a great idea. Feel free to suggest any topics that you think would be useful :) Thanks again for the compliments on my site :) Come back soon! ~Lauren

Westside Wedding said...

Nymphont, I LOVE your blog & all your fonts, you are so talented! Blog templates would be so awesome!

Moderator said...

Awww, thank you! Ok, well I think I might just start working on some designs then. It might be a while till I have any available, I'm so busy trying to fix up this blog, and work on fonts but I'll get started at least. :P
Thank you so much for your compliments on my designs, it's so nice to hear. Especially since I am not really part of any "design niche" and I'm kind of a loner, I have no idea really if what I am making looks good or if it's crappy, I just keep making it.
Thanks again, I am glad you like my fonts :) :)

Kristabella Rhea said...

u make dark template???

franCris said...

Nymphont, you're BLOG is really great... & have useful and wonderful font!!!..creating more and free blogger template is surely AWESOME thing to do...weee.. keep it up Nympont!!!..

Nomes said...

I love all your blog designs! One of the best collections I've seen :)

xx Nomes

Moderator said...

@Estefania Sofea Zahara - I have made a few templates, none that are really dark...

@FranCris Thank you so much, sorry for the extreme delay in response.

@Nomes, thanks so much. <# I think that my templates (and this blog itself) Need a lot of work, working on it right now as a matter of fact. Thank you so much.

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