Top 10 Not-Free Fonts

Top 10 Not-Free Fonts With so much attention placed on so-called "free" fonts these days, this list hearkens the subject at hand: fonts. Period. Digital typefaces spawning new renditions by today's designers, some worthy contributions, as well as some less respectable "knock-off" varieties.

Regardless of recent trends, these fonts are timeless, and unsurpassed in their perfection. They do not disprove the notion, that the quality of purchase-ware fonts eclipses that of freeware fonts . From the many legions of beautiful fonts, this list is "Nymphont's Top 10 Not-Free Fonts."

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on my selections, and to share your own favorites!

*"Where to Find »" links are for informational purposes only, I do not receive commissions for providing them, I do so only as to provide the information. If any information is incorrect or if there is a more appropriate link please let me know.

#1 Avant Garde | Herb Lubalin
Where to Find »
Avant Garde
#2 Georgia | Matthew Carter
Where to Find »
#3 Futura | Paul Renner
Where to Find »
#4 Goudy Old Style | Frederic W. Goudy
Where to Find »
Goudy Old Style
#5 Clarendon | Edouard Hoffmann and Hermann Eidenbenz
Where to Find »
#6 Palatino Linotype | Hermann Zapf
Where to Find »
Palatino Linotype
#7 Gando | Nicholas Gando
Where to Find »
#8 Footlight MT Light | ?
Where to Find »
Footlight MT Light
#9 Bodoni | Giambattista Bodoni
Where to Find »
#10 Century Gothic | Monotype Imaging
Where to Find »
Century Gothic



Anonymous said...

A lot of these come default on most computers ;)

Moderator said...

I deleted my first comment because it sounded sort of rude, my apologies. I just meant to convey, that yes, they come default with many software packages.

koeiekat said...

Why didn't you include the Optima?


koeiekat said...

Shouldn't that be Bodoni?

Moderator said...

kk - Ha ha, thanks, how dorky of me! Thanks, I will fix that :P

Moderator said...

Optima I considered. Narrowing it to ten is so difficult! Gando's placement is rather tentative. Footlight is a font I never see included on lists like this, it is a quite underrated typeface. I have always liked it.

koeiekat said...

Well, it is your list, so you are the one and only one to decide which fonts to include. Yet, mumbles The Kat, the Georgia in the top 10 and not the Optima ...

Moderator said...

He he he. I agree Optima is just about perfect, it has a bit of style that makes it altogether a unique humanist sans... but Georgia is a great typeface and superb web font albeit relatively new and quite trendy, it's a great typeface none the less. And no explanations apologies needed for commenting with a different view, I had hoped for this type of feedback & encourage it, so thanks for sharing :)

nift said...

Usually I’m a little scared of free fonts because of all the tweaking they require but this is a solid little collection. Thanks so much!

Moderator said...

You're welcome. These fonts are free w/ software usually but not to download except Georgia and Footlight MT I think but there are sites offering them free I believe.

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