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Caviar Dreams Font Presenting the Caviar Dreams TrueType™ Font Family. More geometric sans-serif love, Nymphont style. Download contains  4 files, Caviar Dreams Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. This font is free for personal use as well as commercial use. Yep. That's right.

Feel free to email me nymphont@yahoo.com if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. I hope you like this font. Some might see a resemblance to my font Champagne & Limousines in this new creation. For that matter, I would like to highlight some of the qualities making Caviar Dreams truly unique.

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One key difference is the letter-spacing, which is a bit more generous than that of it's predecessor, affecting the way it looks in virtually all settings, large and small blocks of text, graphics, headings what-have-you.

I felt that this was necessary and would add to the quality of the font, as a congruent letter spacing is pleasing to the eye. The font family Champagne & Limousines is comprised of predominantly classically-shaped geometric letters, so it has a clean crisp appearance without as much spacing between the letters.

Which brings me to the other key difference in Caviar Dreams. The unconventional letter shapes it contains; shapes that stray from those classic renditions, giving Caviar Dreams it's own identity altogether.

To name a few, capital letters B, D, J and most notably, W. Then the lowercase e which is angled, and lowercase w, which shares the style of the capital W. The numbers are also completely different.

As a matter of fact, though Champagne & Limousines was Caviar Dream's public predecessor, it was actually born after Caviar Dreams. In my typical backwards fashion of font-making, I decided to finish Champagne & Limousines first because it was so classic, and put Caviar Dreams on hold because it's unconventional letter shapes would require some additional consideration and attention.

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Liliy said...

Love the font. :) I hope to find some uses for it.

Moderator said...

Cool, glad you like it :)

LivE said...

Love your work! thanks for sharing so generously!

Moderator said...


You are very welcome :) Thanks so much for the comment, I am glad that you like my fonts :) :) So sorry for the delay in replying, it means so much to me to know that others enjoy my fonts and find them useful :) So thanks again. Have a great day! ~Lauren

peopleisgrass said...

thanks Lauren,
we'll forward a link of our project (which incorporates your font Caviar Dreams and Nymphette) and even though you say they're free (thank you very much!) they were too good to not make a paypal donation as well(once your paypal link is up and running again)!
awesome stuff!

Moderator said...

Hi, thank you very much :) I can't wait to see :) And BTW, that paypal link will be down indefinitly, if you would like to donate, simply make a donation to my email address ( nymphont@yahoo.com ) or email me if you have any questions. Have a great day. ~Lauren

David Designer said...

Hi.. I just want to say thank you so much for this font, it is so neat and tidy.. exactly what I was looking for...

You are very kind and I wish you all the blessing you deserve..

God Bless you..

Moderator said...

Thanks so much, I am glad that you like my font :) I hope it works well for you. Have a great day & thanks again :) :) Lauren

Graphic Design Solutions in Delhi said...

Great Font , Loved it ..
Crezyn Solutions

Moderator said...

Thanks so much,glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

this font is free for commercial and personal use right?

Moderator said...

Yes it is

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lauren for the wonderful font, I can't wait to use it! I'll send you back some examples when I get things going. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

The readmenew.txt file says it's only free for personal use, or can it be used for commercial use too?

Moderator said...

Thanks for pointing that out, I must have included the wrong readme with it. Yes it is still free for personal use.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

I know it's free for personal, but I want to know if it's free for commercial use too? Thanks.

Moderator said...

Oh derrr.... Im such a space cadet, that's what I meant, it's still free for commercial use as well. Thanks again.

Kerstey said...

Hi Lauren

I LOVE the font!

Sorry if this is a stupid question! You say it's free for personal use - is it ok to use as part of a logo?

Many thanks

Moderator said...

@ Kelsey,

Thanks so much :D

And that's totally not a stupid question, it's much smarter to ask about something if your are not certain. :) To answer your question, yes, you may use it in logogs even. If you do, I'd love to see your finished creation.

Thanks a again, I am so glad you like the font.
Have a super one,

Cathy said...

Thanks for allowing cavier dreams to be used commercially. I am going to give it a whirl and if need be come back and make a donation for the champagne set.
Off to try and make a logo and business card ....... cathy

Cathy said...

If either turns out I will try and remember to send you a sample!

Danielle Logan said...

Hi Lauren,

It is a pleasure to meet you. Your work is very inspiring and creative. I am currently in a typography course. We are working on an assignment which is based on Piet Mondrian's grid use. We get to use our favorite font, and Caviar Dreams is just that!

Could you please tell me the date you created this font. Also, any other easy to come up with information that could be useful. It would be much appreciated. Thank you. ( I will give you a link of my project when I am done ) =)

-Danielle Logan

Unknown said...

trop fabuleuse !!

Lans Niishimura said...

I love this font!
great job!

Unknown said...

Hi Lauren !

Thank you for sharing your job and giving this font for free for a commercial use. As a graphic designer, I'm using Caviar Dreams for a part of the logo I'm creating for a new company in France.
Do you assert me I can use it freely for it ? It'd be bad news for me to be outlaw ^^

Thanks again,


Moderator said...


Hi there, yes this font is free for personal as well as commercial use :) I hope the font is useful to you.

Unknown said...

Thanks again and again Lauren. You're doing a great job.


Luca said...

Hey Lauren...

As part of a Multimedia course that I'm doing at the moment, we're being asked to do a Type Specimen assignment, where we basically have to create a booklet about a font.
I'd love to be able to use this one, if you don't mind?
Also, any added info on the font would be very helpful!


Moderator said...

@Luca Sure! That would be rad! I would love to see your finished booklet.

Luca said...

Ah, wasn't actually expecting an answer! Haha.

Do you have any other info I could possibly use?

Laura said...

Hi Lauren,

I love this font and have used it for my new website which is ready to be launched. I am just having a few problems with windows browsers- they don't do justice to the font, which looks SO good on my mac.

Do you have any tips? As I would prefer not to have to make a font exception for windows browsers- no other fonts look as good!

Thank you for making this commercially available -it was exactly what I was looking for! :)

Laura said...

Thought you might like to see the finished site http://curiosityhaus.co.uk

thanks! x

Luca said...

Oh, also ...
Long shot; but is there any chance you'll be recreating this in OpenType?
(This is for personal curiosity - nothing to do with my assigment...)

Anonymous said...

hello, thanks for this font! it's really lovely! i'm using it in a logo i am working on..

Anonymous said...

Very nice work. Congrats.
Check if the credits page is okay for you: http://republicadosite.com.br/creditoscredits
It's linked on various page (dynamic side menu) and on footer (all pages).
Thank you!

PS: the site is best viewed in browsers other than IE because some fonts has the font-shadow style.

Simply Grand said...

A very elegant font that reminds me of the one used by Merle Norman Cosmetics back in the 1930s, especially if you reverse the U to make an N & the W to make an M.

ArcticXWolf said...

Really great font!

You say it is free for commercial use, this includes embedding in websites (like cufon, @font-face, etc)?

Lullaby said...

I love your font!
I allowed myself to use it in one of my market analysis layouts.
I obviously added your name to the document :)

Merci encore et bonne continuation

Lex Catfish said...

Many thanks for your generosity in making this font free to use. I like the elegant simplicity so much that I spend a non-trivial amount of time *every day* looking at it... and after 6 months or so, it hasn't got old and I'd hate to return to the original, clunky and toy-like design.

Yes, I've hacked my iPhone to use Caviar Dreams regular as the iOS *system font*. If you have an iPhone 4 or newer, i.e. one with the high-resolution 'retina' display, the results are spectacular. The font is, by nature, crisp and geometric. I'm not sure whether it'd work on the older, lower resolution smartphones (whether Apple or Android) - the sub-pixel anti-aliasing may ruin the 'character' of the font.

However, on the so-called 'retina' displays (the recent iPad should work too), it's perfect, a natural fit - the only aspect my eyes had to 'get used to' was the rotated 'e'. Other than that, text on the iPhone is now much crisper and clearer to read - and as the System Font, it is used everywhere and so the completeness is *much* appreciated. Other fonts that don't include *all* the Unicode characters supported by the iPhone input system result in irritating font substitutions when a particular accent / diacritical mark is entered.

The font really freshens up the iPhone interface, which has become so ubiquitous and familiar that the device is now ironically the antithesis of 'think different'. However, changing the system font and icon / GUI theme (I use Glasklart, which is similarly elegant) can bring the interface bang up to date (discretion is advised... I've seen some excruciating 'designs' that make one's eyes water).

You'll need to jailbreak the device. I'm running BytaFont 1.5 on iOS 4.2.1, and IIRC the BytaFont utility works on the iPad system too. I'm not sure about iOS 5, though.

Thanks again for making my iPhone so much more elegant to interact with!

Tom said...

Hi, just want to let you know that this font has its way to be my desktop font for every day use. It's elegant, not boring and not annoying - well balanced. Thank you.
Wish you all the best,

Cauê said...

Adoro essa fonte.
Já fez parte de muitos trabalhos meus. Parabéns =)

Nuria said...

I love the font you created, and a very pretty name for the font. I will use it for a commercial logo and will send you a copy via email. Also, I will donate for your incredible effort.
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Please could you send me the smelter and the typography pangrams ... is that I am doing a work put on your typography in advance thank you very much

Moderator said...

@mario ardiles figueroa - sorry I do not know what you mean...

SRato said...

When I use the Bold type of Caviar Dreams in Indesign and try to package my work, Indesign said that the font is incomplete.

Otherwise, the font is great.

Jurgen said...

Hi Lauren,

thanks for giving away this wonderful font! Used it to create a set of business cards for my sister's business... she loved it. Kudos to you too!

vomitingvulture said...

Cheers for the font Lauren, really nice and clean and I love the number chars in this Caviar Dreams set.

I'm going to use it for some of my phone theme designs.

Thanks for sharing them with us

Unknown said...

I imagine creating these fonts takes a lot of time and effort, so it's a surprise that there are some available for free for personal and commercial use. Maybe I am a skeptic but nothing comes for free these days! Thanks for your excellent work and your generosity in providing these fonts to those of us who are less talented! Hugely appreciated!

Sunny Lee said...

Hi Lauren! I really really love your font... so much that I've used them to make free daily planners. Come and have a look! (http://sundaeprintables.blogspot.com/2013/10/free-daily-planners-v2.html)

Thanks so much for making them.

Sunny Lee, Malaysia

Unknown said...

It not working at IE Browser ...can u plse provide solution for it.

Amanda Lohiser said...

Hi Lauren! I just stumbled upon your work through DaFont.com. I absolutely love your font designs and will come back to your site often to see what's new. I'm a university instructor and I design my own powerpoint templates for my lecture slides. Your Caviar Dreams was exactly what I was looking for for the titles on my newest template - clear, clean, easy-to-read, and yet stylish at the same time. Brilliant! I much appreciate your generosity in offering them for free, so I thought I'd pass along my thanks. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Hi! I am from Argentina and im study graphic design. For a class project i have to choose differents fonts and between them i choose yours. i wanna know if you can give me some information about this font like the year of the creation and in which you was inspired to create this. Thanks u so much, i love caviar dreams and his predecesor, champagne and limosuines!

Unknown said...

I super love you Caviar Dreams font and featured it on my favorite fonts for teachers roundup - http://www.mrsharristeaches.com/2014/08/my-favorite-must-have-teacher-fonts/

Kübra. said...

Amazing font. I absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us.

ubyusua said...

I've been in love with Champagne & Limousines for years! and now I love even more Caviar Dreams!
Thank you!!! :D

Angela K Webster said...

Thank you so much for creating this font and making it free! I love it and use it as my main over on my blog.

Unknown said...

So much thank you for helped me.
Keep it....

Silent-Ninja-27 said...

I love the caviar dreams font! thanks so much :)

YoungSmith said...

I can't find a better font! Every letter is exactly, perfectly what I need. THANK YOU!


I have been searching. I absolutely love CAVIAR DREAMS & all your fonts, you're very talented. When the AI file is ready I will email it to you and donate as I am appreciative, THANK YOU!. CAVIAR DREAMS is the best font for my new cosmetic brand, cant wait to show you and release it to the world. xox

Carlos said...

Thank´s for your work ! I´ll download right now !!

Firefly666 said...

Still loving the font in 2021!
Actually using it in my word figurative mark as well as a font for subtitles. The logo isn't in commercial use right now, the font is being used institutional purposes. It would still be good to know how much you charge for it to be used completely freely!
love it ;)

Moderator said...


Hello thank you for your comment. I am glad the font is useful to you. To use this particular font there is no purchase of donation necessary. It is completely free for personal as well as commercial use.

Unknown said...

Hi Lauren? i love your font and i use it for design my typography posters;) is still free for commercial use?
best regards

Unknown said...

La Font de Calviar Dreams aparece en los Dialogos de Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Navdeep Sanghera said...

Hi, I just stumbled across this font in school. Through research it has lead me here directly to the main source. I adore this font. I'm using it for my typography class assignment. <3

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