LT Oksana Font

LT Oksana FontIntroducing what's been described as a "retro" geometric-sans, my new font, LT Oksana, initially released December 11, 2008.

This is my own personal favorites of the fonts I have created, and I am very proud of it! It has been categorized as "retro," however, I did not intentionally design it as such. I just wanted to make a sans-serif typeface I liked, and thus included various aspects to it's design that I have always fancied about sans-serif.
LT Oksana
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The download is licensed free for personal use. Commercial use of these fonts requires a donation. Donations for the license to use these fonts commercially can be placed via PayPal using any major credit card, and do not require a PayPal account. Click here if you would like to donate. Email me nymphont@yahoo.com if you have any questions or need any assistance.

LT Oksana, version 3.0 release June 30, 2009, LT Oksana Version 4.0 published March 21, 2010, comes in Windows TrueType format, and is free to download for personal use, while commercial use requires a PayPal donation. Email me nymphont@yahoo.com if you need assistance. Please read the Terms of Use/End User License Agreement as the terms specified within are binding upon download.

4.0 is consists of the complete LT Oksana Regular family (regular, italic, bold, bold italic) and LT Oksana Light which also is complete with italic. The zip file contains the 6 font files and the readmenew.txt that defines the Terms of Use/End User License Agreement.

Version 5.0- Updates to this font include kerning revisions and improvements, as well as the addition of several new characters.

Below is a sample character map for the font, however,this only shows the first 255 glyphs, the actual font contains many more characters not shown.

LT Oksana First 255 Characters
LT Oksana Sample


Guile said...

Oh! I like this font and the other one, you're great doing these fonts, i hope you have luck with your skill... :)

Moderator said...

Thanks so much! I am glad you like them :) Have a great day :)

Moderator said...

Thanks for commenting, I am glad you like this font. Have a super day.

Ligaya said...

I can see why it's considered "retro" though... the curves of the K and the S give off a 1920s-1930s vibe. ^.~ Great work on this one!

Corporate Logo Design said...

Hey Lauren, the curvy shape looks good for childrens.

i'll browse your site and find as my fonts i may use to teach my daughter.

Freelance Web Designer Hyderabad said...

thanks excellent font

Anonymous said...

Very nice font, reminds me of those old Art Nouveau posters.

Custom Logo Design said...

thanks excellent font

freelance web designers hyderabad said...

nice font, looking good

Pranav Arya said...

the fonts are pretty cool. thanks

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful.I am starting a design business (interior and some fashion) wanted something nice just for my corespondents. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Um how do you download this?

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