Preview of Upcoming Fonts

Preview of Upcoming Fonts Just in case your were starting to wonder if I would make anything other than a geometric sans, here are some images of the fonts I am currently working on. Feel free to comment/make suggestions.

Unamed Serif Font Project
An as-yet-unnamed serif. I have been working on this one for quite some time, expected completion date? Another long time!

Slab serif project inspired by LT Chickenhawk
A slab serif inspired by my LT Chickenhawk font. Expected completion? Soon, July sometime.
Update: This became a the Happy Phantom Font Family, another spin-off of this design is the Cupid de Locke Font

Font project Ramses the Eternal which actually ended up inspiring the Sachiko Script Font
"Ramses the Eternal" a handwritten script font I am working on should be done sometime in July, and it's counterpart...
Update: Believe it or not, this font design was the start/inspiration of the Sachiko Font.

Font Project Ramses the Damned
"Ramses the Damned" another handwritten script font. To be done in July possibly. Counterpart to "Ramses the Eternal."

Those are just a few of the fonts I am working on right now. Let me know what you think! Comments, questions, suggestions? I want to know what you think!



koeiekat said...

I like the as-yet-unnamed-serif, that one could very well go commercial. Yet, as you know me ... always a comment ... to me the 'f' doesn't seem to relate with the rest. Food for thought?

Moderator said...

Well, fancy meeting you here :P J/k

Thank you for your kindness on my 'as of yet unnamed serif', thought this image almost embarrasses me now! The 'f' is one of many characteristics that needs addressing !

When I resume working on this, I fully agree, 'f' will have to go.

But I do think this when I complete it, which will at least take a few more months, it will be my best font altogether. I will be sure to let you & all the folks at AbstractFonts know when that is :)

Have a super day, thanks for coming by :)

Hey, you also might find the comments on this humorous http://www.fontspace.com/nymphont/lt-nutshell-library
he he.

koeiekat said...

How dare people make statements like that ...

Moderator said...

LOL no I totally understand really, until you look very closely at the fonts they look like the same font! And believe you me if/when I think someone copies another typeface I will say something too (sometimes at least)!

You know how much I love Avant Garde I am sure, this font really bothered me when I first saw it. It still does http://www.dafont.com/font-comment.php?file=reboard

Makes me want to wretch! What's really strange to me, is that no one else seemed to be bothered by it, but the maker of Birth of a hero caught some flak for doing virtually the same thing. http://www.dafont.com/birth-of-a-hero.font

At first at Abstract, I think 3 of you (moderators) were pretty certain I had copied my font. Being that I did not, we all know the sillyness that transpired when I discovered this. My apologies again, you only get one chance to make a first impression. I am glad that somehow you guys managed to accept me :P

And in hindsight, I completely understand why you thought I had copied the font. The majority of popular font 'designers' these days, have no clue! They think that IS font design, to start with and EXISTING FONT. Morons.

I am a newbie and have much to learn, but of the newbies, I am not the same breed. I come from the same logic love and respect for typography as you guys @ Abstract, you know?

I think it's way cool that you guys @ abstract really know your stuff. That's awesome actually.

LT Nutshell Library, looks almost identical to another font. I just wish I knew that before I made it! Oh well though, no biggie!

Forgive me for the lengthy comment, I just love to talk shop I guess :) I havent been by the forum recently because on my last visit it was really quiet.

koeiekat said...

Sorry Lauren, sorry, sorry, sorry! Forgot the smile! Shame on me!



Moderator said...


Moderator said...

He he yes, ok.

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