Fonts In Use Screen Captures Aug. 2010

ThumbIn my travels of the web, I am always delighted when I find my very own font creations "in use." Here are ten new screen captures of recent "Fonts In Use," web discoveries for your viewing and visiting enjoyment. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have!

Does your website feature a font by Nymphont? Would you like to have your creation featured in a future fonts in use post? If so let me know about it in a comment below, I'd love to see your work and be happy to feature you!
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I'm Lauren, self-proclaimed "dweeb," and "the coolest person I know." Single mom, making fonts & designing stuff in my free time.

What began as doodling Fraktur during class, as an adult became focused creation of typographic art for print and for screen, including this digital type experiment I call "Nymphont."

I do freelance web and graphic design along with type design. The icons below link to social networks and bookmarking sites that I am involved with.

From the fabulous Las Vegas, Lauren "Nymphont"

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