Proggin' on Blogger!

Proggin' on Blogger! In light of the new threaded comment system and other recent improvements made to the Blogger platform, I have been busy familiarizing myself with the new template code. My existing free Blogger template creations will soon be updated and retrofitted with the new comment system. Several new templates will also make their debut here shortly.

I've been steady Blogger proggin' over the past few weeks. In addition to the template updates, I've been quite busy working on GlitterBurned and the GlitterBurned Blog. GlitterBurned is a showcase gallery of Blogger powered blogs. Gallery news, updates, and articles are shared on the GlitterBurned blog.

Fluid / responsive width content slider on the GlitterBurned Blog
Fluid / responsive width content slider on the GlitterBurned Blog.

One thing I am happy with, is the featured content slider I shimmied-up for the GlitterBurned Blog. I created a fluid width slider with on-hover text and clickable-links using CSS and MooTools. I believe it to be relatively cross-browser with the small exception that in IE there is no on-hover text, but linked contents are still clickable.

Pixel-Vixen - Design Portfolio of Lauren Thompson
Pixel-Vixen - designs by Lauren Thompson. Hosted on Blogger :)

Also... I have unveiled and added the actual blog aspect to my Blogger hosted portfolio site, Pixel-Vixen. I wanted to keep it simple and uncluttered, so I implemented a "toggle" content menu, that is, it expands and contracts with a click at the user's discretion. As always, Pixel-Vixen is a work-in-progress and changes in the blog layout and design are guaranteed to come. Still, this is the premise; simple without clutter. That is the idea, and that will remain.

The newly unveiled Pixel-Vixen blog.

In other news? I have been stuck on fonts as well. To be perfectly honest, I am not satisfied with the fonts I have created thus far. There are so many things that I did not anticipate or had not considered. But I have no regrets, I accomplished a goal and have been able to learn from the experience.

There might be a few new fonts to come in the near future as well. Till then, stay tuned and give your life a listen,

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