Blog Reflections at 9 Months

Blog Reflections at 9 MonthsOctober marks the ninth month of blogging on Nymphont so I have taken a moment to look back on this and breakdown some of the blog's statistics. The oft used expression "time flies," certainly comes to mind as I reflect on blogging these past nine months.

I began this blog with almost complete anonymity on the web. A two year absence from the 'blogosophere' rendered I return and debut on Nymphont utterly unknown. Though I set no limitations on just what I would or could achieve with this blog, I anticipated my own satisfaction with my accomplishments would be markedly more difficult to attain. Still, the glass is always half full when I look at it, so I didn't deem it impossible!

And I tell you what, I couldn't be happier with my experience thus far on Nymphont. The current standing and the direction of the blog is one that I am content with to say the least. I mean, virtual design and the internet has always been something I enjoyed, else I would not have created this blog in the first place, but the level of enjoyment I've derived from it has been greater than I could have anticipated.

If I had to list one regret though, it would be one I share with many a fellow blogger; that I had posted more! As Nymphont approaches the one year mark, seeing a month with only three posts (as in September) does disappoint.

Nevertheless, I will not promise that I will always post more frequently in the future. I didn't intend to post so infrequently last month, but I did. I would like to publish posts henceforth at a much more frequent rate than in September, that's for sure! There's no guarantee though that I will get what I want, but my dissatisfaction with my such infrequent entries does bring to my attention that I must place achieving my goals and getting what I want more importance. No one else is going to get it for me!

And I do have many ideas for this blog and much more I plan to bring with Nymphont!This October, I hope to publish some free blogger templates which I have been busy working on, and releasing some new fonts is also a goal.

All in all, I have enjoyed the interaction with other bloggers' and creatives brought by blogging and via twitter over the past nine months. And after a few complete re-designs and then still several header graphic variations later, I finally am very happy with the theme and design I created for Nymphont, which is also very important to me. I am proud of it. :)

Statistics Breakdown

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Most Popular Fonts

  1. Champagne & Limousines (Geometric Sans-Serif)
  2. Nymphette (Dingbat Scolls)
  3. Damask Dings1 (Dingbat Ornamentas)
  4. Happy Phantom (Informal Slab-Serif)
  5. Caviar Dreams (Geometric Sans-Serif)

Other Popular Entries

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  4. Subtle Grey Social Network and Bookmarking Icons
  5. Lighter Grey: Free Social Network and Bookmark Icons
I would like to thank all of my visitors, subscribers, those that comment and my followers. I do hope you have enjoyed your visit or found something useful here. You are always welcome to visit and comment as often as you'd like.

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