Fonts In Use Roundup

Fonts In Use RoundupSeeing examples of how my fonts have been put to use by others is something I truly enjoy, welcome, and even actively seek out myself. I do not know if I would ever tire of seeing the creations of others using my fonts, no matter how "big," or "established," I became! I really don't!

I rounded up some of the excellent creations that others have made using my fonts. From the simplest and smallest of scale creations to the broadest; I am so happy to have provided something the creators of these images found useful, even if they themselves themselves didn't give it too much thought! My font worked for them. Yes! (I'll take all the good karma points I can get!)

Some of the following images I discovered myself, while others were kindly shared with me by their creators. Please note, most images are shown smaller than their full size. To fully appreciate the images featured , click on them or the links to visit the actual sites they are located on. Thanks again to those who have shared their creations with me :)

Web Design

Cometmoth Photography
Font Used: LT Oksana Font
Cometmoth Photography

Font Used: Caviar Dreams Font

deviantART & Other Art

"Simon & Paula"  by ~mhawnick001, Bittersweet Irony on deviantART
Font Used: Champagne & Limousines Font
Simon & Paula

"Love Hate"  by ~cxard on deviantART
Font Used: LT White Fang Font
Love & Hate

"Happy Birthday dA"  by ~mushir on deviantART
Font Used: Champagne & Limousines Font
Happy Birthday DA

"Nymphont in 3D" by =Chelfyn on deviantART
Font Used: Champagne & Limousines Font

Logo & Advertising

Logo Design by Lucas Castro for Creative Unity
Font Used: Champagne & Limousines Font
Logo Design by Lucas Castro

Flyer by Pat! Larochelle of Haute-TensioN
Font Used: Frail & Bedazzled Font
Flyer by Pat! Larochelle of Haute TensioN

Those are just a few superb examples of how others have put my fonts to use. Have you created something with one of my fonts that you would like to share? Feel free to comment below or contact me if you would like to have your creation featured in a future 'fonts in use' post, I'd love to see your work!

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